Lady Bug House

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     Adding a Ladybug House to your garden will give the ladybugs a safe place to spend the night and protect them from predators, wind and rain. When they land on the upward slanted louvers, they will naturally crawl up and into the honeycomb material inside the house. This provides a similar shelter to what ladybugs naturally seek: secure places under loose bark, between leaves or under garden litter. Other beneficial insects may also use the Ladybug House. Green lacewings are also a voracious predator of aphids and will find the Ladybug House attractive. 

     The Ladybug House may be mounted almost anywhere in the garden, including on the side of a fence or on a tree trunk. For the ideal location to attract ladybugs, the house can be mounted near the ground (but not on it), and close to where they will find aphids or other insects to eat. Includes mounting screws.

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