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      • Lady Bugs Quick Order/Info
      • Lady Bugs

             A favorite “good bug” and alternative to chemicals, ladybugs have been a popular part of the Orcon line of beneficial insects for over 20 years. When released at sundown (because they don’t fly at night), ladybugs eat aphids, mealy bugs, scale, leaf hoppers, various plant-eating worms and other destructive soft-bodied pests. And they keep on eating until the bad guys are gone, laying their own eggs in the process. When new pests arrive, fresh ladybugs will be waiting.

      • Earthworms Book Quick Order/Info
      • Earthworms Book


             Earthworms are some of the hardest-working and most beneficial creatures on earth. This book explains why they are so efficient and how to help them help a garden. Written by A. John Morgan

      • Ladybug Ladybug Book Quick Order/Info
      • Ladybug Ladybug Book


             A beautiful children’s book, with gorgeous illustrations, uses the ever-popular ladybug to show children the world of beneficial insects and why they are such an important part of our world.

      • Mason Bees Book Quick Order/Info
      • Mason Bees Book


             Written by one of the world’s leading authorities on bees, Christopher O’Toole, it tells the home gardener how to attract and maintain  the friendly Mason Bees in the garden.

      • Pollinating Pet Book Quick Order/Info
      • Pollinating Pet Book


             A fun, and beautifully illustrated, book for children that explains how the pollination process works.  Easy to read with great graphics.